Why Everyone is Switching to KF94 Masks

It can feel difficult for consumers to keep up with ever-changing and newly released research about what is safest amid COVID-19. Thankfully, as scientists learn more about the evolving virus, safety precautions are constantly updated and improved.

One of these safety developments includes a new mask type: the KF94. With wider availability and similar effectiveness as the N95, KF94s are the newest, smartest choice for the average wearer.

Here are 3 reasons to switch to KF94 masks:

1. They are effective:

KF94s are comparable to the highly demanded, but limited availability N95s. KF94s masks still offer high-level protection with 94% of particles filtered, compared to 95% with N95s. The 1% difference in effectiveness separates medical-grade N95s from the general public. But 94% of particles filtered provide most people with the coverage they need to remain safe. In fact, a study of 7 patients infected with SARS-CoV2-19 found that when infected patients wearing the KF94 mask coughed on a petri dish, no viral particles were passed outside the mask.

2. They eliminate double masking:

With an adjustable bridge that can be manipulated to get a secure fit, KF94’s eliminate the recent need for “double masking,” as noted by the CDC. They also have side flaps to contour to your cheeks to limit unfiltered air entry, alongside ear loops to secure the mask. Unless you have certain types of facial hair, there is no need to double mask if you wear a KF94.

3. They are widely available:

N95 masks should be reserved for those in the medical field. For those of us who need a mask for everyday life, the KF94 is a much more sustainable option. It only has a 1% difference in effective level, but are available in the U.S. at a moderate price. Even though vaccines are being distributed and life is returning to normal, PPE, especially masks, will be here for the long run in the workforce. 

Though KF94 masks are clearly a great option, be aware that about 60% circulating the market are counterfeit. Be sure your masks are protective by ordering through Global Sourcing. Our professionals can help you determine what type of PPE is best for your workforce amidst the evolving pandemic. 

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