Economic Impact of Closures Due to Sick Workers Infection

.The economy has been severely affected by closures due to sick workers getting infected with the Covid 19 virus. The situation will not get better unless we seriously consider the health and safety of our workforce. Since the Covid 19 pandemic began, politicians in Washington have been arguing that there need to be some risks taken if we keep the economy from completely failing. The concern is how much rusk must be sustained and what we can do to minimize it

This virus is killing workers, pushing others to leave their jobs, and causing them to drop out of the labor force. This is hurting businesses, ruining family finances, and slowing the recovery. Even mild cases of Covid 19 have affected workers' ability to do their jobs and enjoy their lives. Much of this could be prevented with the responsible use of PPE. This gear protects workers from getting infected and helps to restore the workforce and the overall economy.

Mass Layoffs

In addition to its impact on public health, the coronavirus covid 19 has caused a major economic shock. Layoffs and furloughs and small businesses, and the poor have been hit the hardest. While most of the impact occurred in 2020, businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet and recover from the pandemic. People are going back to work, but the process is dragging on longer than it should, and the call for more protective measures to keep our workers safe is imminent. The use of PPE can save many lives and help get the workforce back on its feet.

 Face Masks and face shields

Wearing face masks can slow the spread of Covid 19, which means that fewer mutations of the virus will develop. Surgical face masks are effective, but cloth masks that are double layered or more offer greater durability. A face mask should fit snug around the sides of the face covering the mouth and nose with a wire clip over the nose for a more secure fit.

 A face shield is a clear piece of plastic with foam lining over the forehead area and a strap to attach it to your head. The face shield should wrap around the sides of your face and run from your forehead to your chin. This way, it acts as a splash guard against airborne bodily fluids that present themselves as aerosol droplets invisible to the naked eye.


A common type of glove that will resist infection is the disposable nitrile gloves that provide high resistance to puncture, tearing and abrasion. These gloves also provide excellent resistance to accidental chemical splash. Vinyl gloves also offer excellent protection and are puncture and tear resistant. In addition, they make nitrile/vinyl blend gloves, and this unique biopolymer creates a new level of disposable protection. Any of these gloves will offer the workforce the protection it needs to help keep the virus from getting on your skin while also offering protection from cleaning chemicals that keep the virus from spreading.


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